I am also an appointed admin of the Golden Sun Wikia. I am also a notable user of the Fire Emblem Wikia. If I do not respond on this site to your message, come ask me here or on one of my other wikis, as mentioned above. My sandbox can be found here.

Wikia Support

All forum posts and talk page links still in discussion that are created by me can be found here.


  • Note: I do not have authority over anybody, despite the fact I'm an administrator. I have no more "power" over another user or an IP, just a couple of more tools to work with, and a few more privileges. I can't do whatever I want, because that could involve abuse, which can be reported to the Wikia staff. If you think I'm doing something wrong, or you have a question, just go to my talk page. If I've blocked you for committing an offense (or for another reason) and you would like to appeal, post the message on your talk page.

It may seem that, at times, I might be inactive, but go to Special:ListUsers first. If I last logged on any later than ten days, then I'm probably inactive; go to VTSF wikia to report a spam or vandalism problem. Irrelevent images (pictures of yourself, pictures of other people that are not related to any article, etc.) count as spam to the wiki's photo gallery!

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