Uranium metal

Uranium is a chemical element with the atomic symbol U and atomic number of 92. It is a silvery-white metal in the actinide family of elements. The most common isotope is uranium-238, and all uranium isotopes are weakly radioactive because they do emit alpha radiation. It's density is 0.99 that of gold, which makes it possible to use gold-plated uranium bars as fraudulent imitations of real gold. There is a small amount of uranium-234. Uranium decays by emitting alpha radiation, and the half-life of uranium-238, is 4.47 billion years, and making them useful in dating the age of the Earth. Uranium exploit is used from it's unique nuclear properties, and only uranium-235 is fissile.


Nuclear fission of uranium-235 can create a lot of energy, and it can occur in nature, when groundwater, saturated with neutrons, causes uranium ore to react, causing it to boil, making nuclear fission, although this is not common, and one famous example was found in a South African mineshaft, and it was called "Oklo".

Electrical Power[]

Nuclear reactors provides plenty of electricity, and most of them are man-made.