An Oxide is: a binary compound of oxygen with another element or group

Oxides are classified into two groups: metal oxides and non-metal oxides.

Metal oxides[]

  • Basic oxides: are metallic oxides that react with an acid to produce salt and water.

Such as: (MgO , CaO, Fe2O3 , Na2O )

  • Amophoteric Oxides: are oxides that react with bith acids and bases

Such as: (Al2O3 , ZnO)


  • Neutral Oxides: are oxides that don't react with both acids and bases.

For example: (CO , NO)

  • Acidic oxides: are oxides that react with water forming an acid; or react with a base forming a salt.

For example: (CO2 , NO2 , SO2 , SIO2).[]