Mercury, also known as quick silver or hydrargyrum, is a chemical element with the atomic number 80 and atomic symbol Hg. It's melting point is about -38.83ºC, and a boiling point of 356.73ºC. It is one of 2 known elements which are, in their natural state, a liquid, the other being bromine or, Br. Mercury boils at 674.11°F and melts at -37.89°F. Its Standard Atomic Mass is 200.59 and is naturally found in the liquid state. Mercury ore is known as Cinnabar.

Mercury is also extremely poisonous in nature, from it's high density, and it is incredibly dangerous for human health. It can cause neurological problems, and some compounds made from it are extremely lipophilic in nature. The compound Dimethylmercury caused the death of famous professor, Karen Wetterhahn

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