Alkanes are types of saturated hydrocarbons with the formula CnH2n+2. This page is a list of them.

Name Number of Carbons State of Matter Chemical Formula
Methane 1 gas CH4
Ethane 2 gas C2H6
Propane 3 gas C3H8
Butane 4 gas C4H10
Pentane 5 liquid C5H12
Hexane 6 liquid C6H14
Heptane 7 liquid C7H16
Octane 8 liquid C8H18
Nonane 9 liquid C9H20
Decane 10 liquid C10H22
Undecane 11 liquid C11H24
Dodecane 12 liquid C12H26
Tridecane 13 liquid C13H28
Tetradecane 14 liquid C14H30
Pentadecane 15 liquid C15H32
Hexadecane 16 liquid C16H34
Heptadecane 17 solid C17H36
Octadecane 18 solid C18H38
Nonadecane 19 solid C19H40
Icosane 20 solid C20H42
Heneiocosane 21 solid C21H44
Docosane 22 solid C22H46
Tricosane 23 solid C23H48
Tetracosane 24 solid C24H26