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  • This wiki requires people to cite their sources. Please cite your information in order to confirm it.
  • If you copy an article off Wikipedia. make sure the information is accurate before you copy it. Any inaccurate content will be removed.
  • Please use the talk pages if you have a question, do not post the question in the article.
  • Talk pages are not forums; use them if you have a question. Use a forum if you need a discussion or help with a project.
  • Please treat others with respect; do not flame or troll other users, and do not harass them; remember, users can be blocked as well.
  • Please do not post anything irrelevent about chemistry, including images, except if it's for a template. Also, do not add portraits (including ones of yourself) as images*. This is a wikia, not a social networking site.
  • Do not curse other users; profane and vulgar language will not be tolerated, along with any racial/religious slurs.

*- The only exception is to famous scientists/physicists, like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.

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