This page links to libraries of chemical data, suppliers of chemicals and to other places where information on chemicals can be found. You searched on:

  • CAS: "$CAS",
  • Formula: "$Formula",
  • Name: "$Name",
  • Chebi: "$CHEBI",
  • Einecs: "$EINECS",
  • PubChem: "$PubChem",
  • InChI: "$InChI",
  • ATCCode: "$ATCCode",
  • DrugBank: "$DrugBank",
  • ECNumber: "$ECNumber
  • RTECS: "$RTECS",
  • KEGG: "$KEGG",


  • CAS/name/formula: "$CASNAMEFORMULA" (value = CAS, otherwise NAME, otherwise Formula, otherwise empty),
  • CAS/name: "$CASNAME" (value = CAS, otherwise NAME, otherwise empty),
  • CAS/Formula: "$CASFORMULA" (value = CAS, otherwise Formula, otherwise empty),
  • name/formula: "$NameFORMULA" (value = NAME, otherwise Formula, otherwise empty),


  • Use Special:Chemicalsources to manually search on a chemical identifier.
  • The identifiers ... identify a specific chemical. Some chemicals can be found with different identifiers. The identifier Name may not give results, depending on the database searched, while the identifier Formula may result in more compounds (isomers) than the one searched for.
  • The master copy of this page is located at ChemistryWiki:Chemical sources.

maintenance Links on this page contain $-codes, which do not result in reasonable search results. When you edit a link, or add a link, try to keep the formatting of the line in the paragraph you add to:

"Find this compound by [SearchURL Identifier] at [HomeURL Institution or company name]


  • SearchURL is a url pointing to the data-page of the compound, where the searchterm is replaced by one of the above $-codes (so "[ CAS]" becomes "[$CAS CAS]").
  • HomeURL is the homepage of the institution/company.

NOTE: some sites do not allow deeplinking or are not searchable.


These are search-sites with a non-commercial background:

Production numbers, industrial profiles[]

Sites with production volumes for selected commercial products.


This database provides spectra of organic compounds (IR, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy

  • Find spectra of this compound by (no deeplinking possible, sessions) at AIST

Periodic tables[]

Electronic periodic tables

  • Find this compound by (?) at WebElements Periodic table
  • Find this compound by (?) at Geologicals Periodic table

See also: Periodic table, List of elements by name, List of elements by symbol, List of elements by atomic number;


Links to MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), these links are both to publicly funded, as well as, to commercial sites (commercial sites are in italics).

(above sites checked for availability of an MSDS, here-under still have to be checked)


All these links are to the data sheet of the compound at the site of commercial suppliers.

Care has to be taken when using this data, the chemical data provided pertains to the state of the compound as it is sold (e.g. the refraction index stated is that of the compound as it is bought, i.e. it may not be the refraction index of the pure compound)


See also: PubChem, Entrez, PubMed,GenBank, Chemical database, CAS registry number, InChI, List of inorganic compounds, List of organic compounds, List of biomolecules, List of minerals, Inorganic compounds by element, Dictionary of chemical formulas, Common chemicals; GENOA INTERNATIONAL, LLC

Educational and government sites[]


To be sorted out[]