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Carbon dioxide (also known by its chemical formula of CO2) is a chemical compound made up of two oxygen atoms bonded to one carbon atom. It is a gas at standard temperature and pressure and exists in Eart's atmosphere in this state. Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases.

Carbon dioxide, in room temperature, is a colorless, odorless gas. Its solid state is kown as "dry ice."


  • Molecular Weight: ~44 2
  • Density: 1562kg/m3(dry ice), 1.98kg/m3(gas at 0°C)
  • Sublimation point at 1 bar pressure:−78.5°C; −109.2°F; 194.7 K
  • Triple point:−56.6°C; −69.8°F; 216.6 K and 5.1 bar pressure


Soda bubbles macro

These bubbles in the soda are made from carbon dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide is an important gas on Earth. It makes up a fraction of the atmosphere, and is inhaled by plants during photosynthesis. Its abundance in the atmosphere is increasing due to the burning of fuels that emit CO2. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide has been demeaned by the theory of how humans have contributed to global warming through the burning of fossil fuels and whatnot. Regardless, carbon dioxide is a very important gas and is one of the main components of air (the others being gases like nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc.)


Carbon dioxide is not only used because of its properties, but also because of its high abundance. High-pressured carbon dioxide is used to decaffeinate coffee. Caffeine is one of the few ingredients of coffee beans that are soluble in CO2, so carbon dioxide is used over dry cleaning fluids, which, in the past, left behind unwanted residue in the coffee beans[1]. In liquid form, carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguishers due to the fact that it is not combustion-able. Also in liquid form, it can also be used a solvent in substitute of petroleum, since there's more than enough CO2 on Earth, while petroleum is getting more and more expensive by the minute.[1]

Chemical Properties[]

  • It does not support combustion
  • It reacts with lime water
  • It neutralizes alkalies to form carbonates
  • It rects with with water in photosynthesis.

Industrial Methods[]

On industrial scale, it is prepared by the thermal decompositon of lime stone in a kiln.


  • It is used in extinguishing fire.
  • It is used for making carbonated beverages.
  • Dry ice is used for refrigeration.
  • It is used in forming of Sodium Carbonate.
  • It is used in making bread.
  • Dry ice is used to wash injuries.