A metal Alloy is a mixture of two or more elements in a solidified solution of a metallic matrix. Examples are Steel (Iron+Carbon), Bronze (Copper+Tin), and Electrum (Gold+Silver+::Copper) Alloying metals often enhances its properties, such as Chromium and Nickel allowed the creation of stainless steel, an enhanced version of steel, much stronger, and very resistant to corrosion.

Alloys can be created for industrial use, such as in cars, vehicles, and currency. Stainless steel and Aluminum are 2 examples of familiar alloys. Because alloys can be used for industrial uses, they can also be used for construction. Some alloys are corrosion resistant, and steel is the most commonly used alloy.


Bronze was the first metal alloy to be created, starting in c. 4000 BC, whih started the bronze age, but bronze continues to be used today. Other alloys like brass, was created much later, during the medieval era